B I T A   T E B Y A N I,   P S Y . D

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

addiction, depression, anxiety in Beverly Hills

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Bita Tebyani, Psy.D. is a Licensed Psychologist in the State of California. Located in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Tebyani has a wealth of personal and professional experience that adds to her knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Tebyani specializes in all aspects of child custody, including child custody evaluations, parenting plans, high conflict situations, relationship problems and child alignment, mediation, reunification therapy, and domestic violence. Dr. Tebyani has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, as well as working with the recovery community on addiction and substance abuse.

Dr. Tebyani was born in Iran to a highly influential family. Forced to flee when the Shah’s regime was overthrown, the family moved to Germany, and eventually to Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Tebyani moved to the United States in 1998. This has given Dr. Tebyani an acute awareness of cultural diversity, and has taught her how to adapt and excel in disparate environments. She is fluent in Farsi, German, and English, with some familiarity of French, as well. Dr. Tebyani’s language acumen enhances her ability to communicate with people from a wide range of cultures.

A highly skilled psychotherapist, Dr. Tebyani establishes an immediate rapport with her clients. Her keen insight, vast experience, and profound dedication give her the ability to help others through the transitions and personal experiences that shape their lives.

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